Young Swiss is the nickname given to Swiss Youth Card AG, which gives young people up to the age of 30, the ability to buy discounted cultural and recreational offers with their Young Swiss Card. Young Swiss, however, is far more than just a discount card.

Our beginnings

In 1985 – the international «Youth Year» – the Council of Europe decided to launch a card with which young people all over Europe could maximise their leisure time at affordable prices.
In order to turn this idea into a reality in Switzerland, the Foundation for the Swiss Youth Card (SFJK) was established by the Federal Office of Culture in 1991. The first membership cards were issued shortly thereafter. Since 2001, the distribution of the cards has been organised by Swiss Youth Card AG, which is a subsidiary of the Foundation and controlled by it.

Largest card organisation

In the meantime we have become the largest trilingual card organisation in the target segment of young people, which can boast 200,000 members throughout Switzerland – and the numbers are growing.

Young Swiss Card

The Young Swiss Card is a discount card for people under 30, who do not just want to get something for less, but who are looking for real value. At the centre of this scheme are discounted offers for quality products and valuable recreational experiences. Young Swiss is open to new ideas, which is why the range of products and services on offer is constantly being scrutinised, supplemented and improved. Overall, the card currently opens the door to around 1,500 perks (discounts, advantages) in Switzerland and another 60,000 in 40 European countries. A number of Swiss museums are even completely free for Young Swiss members. It also includes the 24-hour personal assistance of Mobiliar, who will come to your rescue in an emergency wherever you are in the world.

Young Swiss Magazine

Members also receive a copy of the Young Swiss Magazine, which is published four times a year. The editorial section – produced by up and coming Swiss authors, editors, photographers and illustrators – focuses on current aspects of life, showing positive perspectives and tells true stories from the now. The magazine also covers selected discount offers and is filled with attractive prize draws.

The online editorial team of Young Swiss delivers a new story every day, puts together practical tips and advice, provides links to exciting stories from the current context and maintains a concise overview of the current prize draws and diverse advantages of Young Swiss. The editorial team inform members of particularly attractive offers and prize draws in a monthly newsletter.


Young Swiss does not have any political or religious affiliations.

EYCA Membership

Young Swiss is part of the EYCA – European Youth Card Association – which means that our members can use their cards in around 40 countries.

Become a member

Interested individuals can sign up easily online to become a member until they are 30 years of age. For more information click here